"Do something today that your future life will thank you for."

I'm Daniele!

hey you!

mother of 3 handsome boys. exercise enthusiast. full of boundless engergy! multitasker (comes naturally with being a mom). detail oriented and organized (i love my label maker). nothing gives me greater joy than helping others!

Community volunteer. Giving back to others and our community fills my cup.

Chocolate Covered Bananas- Anything banana!

Lululemon, Restoration Hardware & Thrift Shops

Water, lip balm, and a bag of nuts are a must!

Lover of both!

Murder mystery podcasts are my fav. Sometimes I drive the longer route just to hear the ending.

alternate job

Guilty pleasure

Fav shop

always by my side

Beach / Mountains


you'll find me with my family

Just a few of the things that are prominently featured in my life.


always active


My college sweetheart (aka my hubby)


Let's forage!


I'm so grateful for my family! Loved ones, good food, and entertaining are a staple in my life. My 5 sisters and I are always brainstorming our next party!

Physical fitness and exercise are my therapy. Not to mention it helps me keep up with my three active boys!

I enjoy decorating with elements Mother Nature provides. Creating tablescapes with dried branches, flowers, and fruit are my specialty. It's rare that I don't come home from a walk without a tree branch in hand.

We have similar qualities and value family and traditions both of which were important to our upbringing. Working out and spending time at the beach in Southern Florida is what we enjoy most!


Love it

Hate it

Salad with grilled chicken. Everyday!


Exercising. I can't sit still!

Baking Italian Desserts.

Art. Beauty is everywhere.

Rearranging furniture. Drives my hubby crazy!

Disrespectful people. Just be nice.

Drivers that ride my bumper. Not necessary.

Seafood...not for me.

Coffee. Not even a drop!

Unmade bed. I get this from my momma.

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