Prepare to Dance the Night Away

Born from a love of entertaining & a willingness to put forth some MAJOR work, the "B.Mingled Project" was officially launched in 2013 when Senta Keegan moved to the Washington D.C. area. Amazing events have happened throughout the years and a 1-woman show turned into a fun squad of 4 with 10 enthusiastic & experienced assistants ready to make things happen. Curating plans and imagining designs, we like to give every client the extra attention they deserve...because not everyone throws an epic party all of the time, right?!?

From planning weddings and hosting friends, to ending our day by "rocking out" with our kids, we bring our creative energy into everything we do. Bring your guest count forward and we'll bring our pens. Our crew of lovely ladies are ready! 

We are ready...are you?

Senta K.

Ashly T.

Alyssa C.

Becky D.

...and the crew behind B.Mingled

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