"Always savor the sweet moments that life has to offer...it's the little things that make the day worth living."

I’m Senta, and chocolate is my therapy.


Founder of B.Mingled. Happy Wife. Crazy Mother. Nurse Anesthetist by day, Wedding Designer by night. German-Italian made. Full of vigor and spunk. Rule-Follower (90% of the time); Big Dreamer. 

madeline pere

Nurse Anesthetist, Interior Decorator: Polar opposites, but makes me very well-rounded!

Frozen Oreos. They hold together much better when dunked in milk (a little tip for you).

Anthropologie, West Elm, Home Depot, Wegmans. Sigh.

I can sing & play piano-> I was born to be on the stage (or karaoke).

Sleeping in a tent> Baking in the Sun!

I collect A LOT of seed & flower catalogs and dream of where I'll plant my next crop. 

alternate job

Guilty pleasure

take my money

secret talent

Beach / Mountains

make fun of me

Madeline Pere

lindsay mack

you'll find me in the garden.

Just a few of the things that are prominently featured in my life.


my husband & I are renovating Our mid-century modern home.


i have a fondness for animals


always, always, and always


When the weather is above 45 degrees & the sun is shining I am outside with my hands in the dirt. I love seeing the beauty nature has to offer with my flowers & veggies. Our small farm is calm, quiet, & peaceful. I can really relax and unwind.

...and doing a lot of the work ourselves. It is a crazy place with the addition of kids running around, but extremely gratifying to see our Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home come alive again.

I never go out the door without my mascara. NEVER.

We are preparing to host a barn full of goats, donkeys, and chickens. I'm sure Ralphie (my Pooch) and Lil' Bitts (the Cat) will enjoy keeping them company??


genevieve leiper

Love it

Hate it

Etsy & Artwork. 


Funny Kids & Halloween.

Dark Choco w/ Caramel & Sea Salt.

NBC Nightly News. 

Music with a good Beat.

Spam Calls.

Bad drivers. You know they exist!

Mayo...can't do it. 

Frizzy hair.


Meet Ashly T.





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