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We have all seen those dramatic party displays of perfectly placed tapas or towering chocolate tiers. Pinterest and magazines have TONS of images to tease our tastebuds, but can leave us feeling defeated when it comes to throwing our own gathering. It doesn't have to be handed over to the pros. We are going to review some of our favorite displays of the past and prove it's not as difficult as you think to add a little character as the "hostess with the mostess"!

Beginning with the hardest concept for decorating (this includes in the home and event tabletops) is understanding the scale and proportion of an area. We have all walked into a room with a 10-foot tall ceiling displaying a 4-inch painting smack in the middle of the wall. A little exaggerated? Yes, but you get the idea. It looks "off" even to the untrained eye. Having something too big or too small can really impact the visual space... and not in a good way! The same goes for elements on a table. Make sure you have an area big enough to hold the items you want to present, but not too big to make it look like it's lacking a few ingredients.

Be creative with adding textures, heights, and similar patterns for visual interest. (This is the perfect moment to bring out all of those chic pie plates, chargers, platters, and baskets that your grandmother gave you!) A good tip to keep in mind is to design in symmetry. Balance the table with similar amounts of display items. Start with a tall center (use a high tiers or cake stands) in the middle as a focal point and decorate the surrounding area. Use the same colored plates & platters for a cohesive look. Placing individual desserts or bite-sized appetizers in rows maintains a clean aesthetic.

Use displays to invite guests to a fabulous drink or savory snack. These are perfect ways to incorporate your personal tastes or add a fun feature! Welcome drinks, popcorn stations, or pies are great additions to any party. Utilizing signature drink signs or personalized escort cards add those special little details that leave guests with a lasting impression.

Lastly, if you want to go the extra mile... hire the pros! Some of our favorite events bring in extra specialty vendors. Say hello to AMAZING mobile bars, ice-cream trucks, and donut carts. Let your imagination run wild... there are a variety of incredible vendors out there ready to make your party POP! 

Happy Decorating!

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